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  • Single wides are 10ft wide, 12ft Wide, 14ft Wide, 16 ft wide and even 18 ft wide.
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    We are the oldest Mobile Home Demo company in Texas and the entire South & Southeast United States
  • Double wides are 24ft wide, 28ft Wide, 32;Ft wide
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    This Double Wide looks liveable ... it wasn't.
  • Don't let this happen to you.
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    Another company came and took the metal and left him with a mess.
  • Burnt Mobile Home ... was gone in minutes.
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    Burnt Mobile Home Removal
  • Debris left everywhere...
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    We perform full property clean up ...
  • Took the metal and left the rest
    Texas Mobile Home Demolition
    Happens ALL the time ... nothing is free.

Texas Mobile Home Demolition services all of Texas and Louisiana.

Junk Cars
Abandoned or junks cars, trucks, boats, etc we haul away.
Motor Homes
We remove and dispose of End of life Motorhomes as well as damaged, burnt, flooded, etc
We also dispose of Slide In Campers, Pop Campers & More
Travel Trailers
In addition to Mobile Demolition we Haul Away 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers.
We Haul Away Old Tractors, Construction Equipment and farm implements
Covid 19
Texas Mobile Home demoltion is still working...Providing all services and observing social distanciung...lets heal tTexs.

I'm gonna give away my old mobile home.

I'm gonna give it away!

Why would anyone take a Free old mobile home when they still have to pay for

1. The Move: CASH EXPENSE - anywhere from $4,000 for a single wide to $8,500 for a double wide.

2. Anchors - CASH EXPENSE

3. New Skirting - CASH EXPENSE

4. New Porches - CASH EXPENSE

5. LAND to put it on. $25,000 to $150,000 just for a few acres.
     Trailer parks as well as subdivisions have age limits on mobile homes.
     5 to 15 years old is the maximum age and they must be in perfect clean condition...

6. Water well average $12,000 - CASH EXPENSE

7. Septic Average $8,500 - CASH EXPENSE

8. Electricity $2,000 - CASH EXPENSE

AND they are going to need the title to move it on Texas Highways.

So typically low end total price is $26,000 plus the
price of the land AND there's no financing available.

NOW why would a person, who has that kind of money,
want an old mobile home when the can finance a brand new
Mobile home for $5,000 to $10,000 down including the land?

This was rhetorical question.  We know the answer. We've heard
"I'm gonna give it away" before and we have never seen it happen.

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Texas Mobile Home Demolition services all of Texas and Louisiana.

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